Billing Rules

Take the headache out of tedious work involved in ever changing medical billing rules and diligent front office work that insures all practioner filled face sheets are not only billed with correct codes. By adopting ePhase and its automation technology solution you will reduce waste, increase business process automation, improve productivity and customer satisfaction. With federal “Meaningful Use” programs to support information technology solutions, medical practices are compelled to us IT solutions in order to retain and grow their revenue and be competent with their competition. With ePhase, medical practioners will collect more at a lower cost and get paid fast.

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Catching the code with the power of being flagged

Flags will fly for incomplete sections or codes in both EHR and PM. Never miss an unspecified code before it leaves the office with ePhase platform- increase your collections, cash flow, reduce tedious time spent searching for specific codes, reduce cost and minimize confusion from ICD-10.

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