Why Physicians and Clinics Choose Us

We help to increase physician’s revenue andtheir operational efficiency by allowingpaperless collection processes, streamliningdata entry, and producing accurate claims.

Virtual Tele Communication

Physicians may use virtual care facilities tovirtually connect with their patients from anywhere.

Strong Security Measurement

We maintain every security procedure along the journey and yes we are HIPAA compliant.

AI Coding with Intelligence

Instant solving the issue of the long procedure and thus it improves coding accuracy and results in revenue generation.

Connect ePhase team to create your success story !

Connect ePhase team for your Computer Assisted Codes to create your success story!

To Choose
01/ Available 24/7/365 days- high availability
02/ Available on iPhone and Android App Stores
03/ Capture Face Sheet info/image with CPT,ICD,DOS
04/ Facility name on to PDF documented smart phone
05/ To upload the facesheet image from mobile device
06/ Review and Send all capture information
07/ Capture information to your Biller from bedside
08/ Exchange list of patients with covering providers
09/ Complete HIPPA compliant network
10/ No more than 5 sec. to capture a patient visit
11/ Better, Faster, easier billing for the practioner
12/ Eliminate entering duplicate information
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