Avoid Financial Disasters. Today’s healthcare world presents a fast-moving, highly complex, many phased picture. From market-sizing all the way through payer reimbursement, data abounds adding to the complexity. 

We increase physician's revenue and their operational efficiently

By allowing paperless collection processes, streamlining data entry and producing accurate claims. Simply enter patient billing and clinical information on your handheld technology from anywhere, at any time with or without cellular reception.

Advanced Application

The golden prize

for a healthy patient population and quality management. Our advanced healthcare IT application, ePhase, is your ticket to improving your practice, increasing your revenue and enhancing your patient relationships.

Contribute And Monitor


Your patients with our online patient portal to access medical records, so they can contribute to their own care and successfully monitor their conditions at home for a healthy life.

Seeing Lab Results


Patients can see lab results, email their physician and remotely monitor their conditions through our mobile health tools.

HIPPA Compliant Network


Store all information over the secured HIPPA compliant network .Exchange list of patients with covering providers with a web service based interface to hospital back end systems.

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